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New Addition at Golden Hill Studio

New Addition at Golden Hill Studio

To talk about the new fluff-ball of fur that’s come to live at the studio, I first have to talk about his predecessor. I’ve been a cat lover all of my life. In fact, when I was very little I would pray for a kitten every night, even though my mother said there was absolutely no way we were getting one! When I was about 7 or 8, this darling little stray showed up on our doorstep and my mother relented, saying, “You can’t argue with God!” That began my life-long relationship with cats.

For many years now, Claudette and Mr. Miller have lived with me here at Golden Hill Studio. I suppose we get kind of silly, or perhaps the word is “creative”, when naming our pets, thus Mr. Miller was named after one of my favorite beer brands. He was a handsome Siamese, with a stately, yet loving disposition.

Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller; I believe he sat on this couch more than I did!

Mr. Miller letting the pillow cat know who's boss!

After battling age-related illnesses, I recently had to make the decision to have Mr. Miller euthanized. As many of you know, this is never a decision that comes easily, but one that is made with the intent to end any suffering or discomfort the animal is experiencing. 

After a period of grieving, my dear friend, who just happens to be a vet, decided it was time for me to introduce a new kitten into the household. What else was I to name him, but “Bud” (as in Budweiser!) He is rambunctious, he thrives on torturing Claudette, and he is one of the cutest darn kittens I have ever seen! Golden Hill Studio is buzzing once again, not only with holiday excitement, but with feline festivities as well!

Bud "helping" with the Christmas decorating!

Bud about to drift off to sleep.

Bud in full on cat-nap mode.

Elizabeth Hestle


Elizabeth Hestle

That was written so well! Love the pic of Mr Miller with the cat pillow!

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