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Coastal Dreaming

Coastal Dreaming

Do you love the coastal life, buy are maybe still a few pennies short of buying that beach house? Not to worry, there are a plethora of design and décor ideas to help you bring the seashore into your home, no matter where you live.


Start with a base, such as paint color. This allows you to start out subtle or bold, and then use fabrics, patterns and other items to build the beach feel you are looking for. There’s no end to hues of blue, and it’s a great place to start when you are thinking all things ocean. Pale blues are calming and tranquil, turquoise harkens that Caribbean vibe, and bold navy’s make a statement. For inspiration, check out these samples from Benjamin Moore

Consider mixing in some white trim for a fresh, clean look. Another beachy look I like is a beige wall, with blue dressers, chairs or tables to mix the meeting of sand and sea.


Another fun way to bring the beach inside is with printed fabrics. Some fun prints include anchors, starfish or sand dollars. Curtains can be sheer to elevate the breezy feel, or cotton or linen for a sturdier look. Amazon has some reasonably priced options. Throw pillows or draped blankets will also add to your summer house effect.


To put the final touches on your coastal décor, get creative and try some DIY crafts. An old mason jar, or re-purposed glass vase or pitcher can serve as a vessel for treasures you might collect on vacation; shells, beach rocks, sea glass and sand dollars are easily displayed this way. You can also create shadow boxes with these items to hang on your wall. A nice piece of driftwood makes a great coffee table centerpiece, too! For more ideas check out these DIY ideas from  A Cultivated Nest. 

Shelley Nicholson

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