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Outdoor Décor

Outdoor Décor

If you’re fortunate enough to have any type of outdoor living space, you’ll want to enjoy your time spent there. Whether it’s a porch, a deck or patio, a gazebo or a pool house, consider it an extension of your home and decorate in a style that makes you happy. Just like with any décor project your budget can range from re-purposed to extravagant. Just remember it’s more about the memories made than the money spent.

Consider these options to spruce up your space:


If your space is uncovered and subject to the elements, look specifically for outdoor carpets. They are usually designed to dry quickly and not mold from rain and humidity. They also keep the bottoms of your bare feet from burning when the sun is beating down on your deck flooring! If you have a narrow space like a porch, you may want to go with a runner or two. Florals and pastels work well for that summer vibe!




Nothing says summer like vibrant, pretty posies. Beautiful annuals that thrive in large and small pots come in every color of the rainbow. Pick colors that compliment your space. For example with gray flooring or siding, I lean towards pinks, purples and blues. With brown, the warmer reds, oranges and yellows really make a statement!



Unless you have pre-existing outdoor electrical outlets and wiring, I would recommend you go solar. Solar lighting is relatively inexpensive and comes in numerous forms. Hang strands of tiny lights around railings or trees in the yard for a subtle, summery feel. Light walkways with in-ground solar lights that come in all different shapes and sizes. And if you lean towards the mystical, there’s no end to solar creatures (hummingbirds, dragonflies, dolphins etc.) that gently change color while you relax in your outdoor space!

Shelley Nicholson

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