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Enjoy your "Garden" - The Best Indoor Plants for Winter

Enjoy your "Garden" - The Best Indoor Plants for Winter

The winter months in the northeast can be downright depressing. For many of us, it’s dark when we go to work, it’s dark when we drive home from work and it’s pretty darn cold for a number of months. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the lovely greenery that graces our lands in the spring and summer months. As a matter of fact, it’s truly a reason to surround yourself with vegetation. There are studies that prove that plants purify the air and contribute to stress relief as well as motivation and energy levels.

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s ok; there are a number of plants that are relatively low-maintenance and work well in the low light of winter. I wanted to add some new plants to my home and that sparked my research. Here is what I found:

Aloe Vera

Although it’s a tropical plant, and does require warm temperatures, the Aloe plant is one of the easiest ones to care for. It doesn’t require a lot of light, so you can place it by almost any window in your home. It also prefers to be dry, so stick to watering just once a week. It’s somewhat of a wonder plant as well. Did you burn yourself on the stove? Break off a piece of aloe to rub the liquid from inside the plant on your burn. A few applications will have you healed up in no time!

Snake Plant

Another low maintenance houseplant, you can go several weeks without watering this one. Low light is fine and not only will this plant remain looking fresh, but it is also known to remove toxins from the air in your home.


There are a number of different types of small succulents, with varied and unique shapes and colors. They do need a lot of light, so place them in a spot that gets the most sun throughout the day. A succulent’s natural home is the desert, so keep them dry and only water on occasion.

Peace Lily

This plant actually produces what appears to be white “flowers”, an extension of white that grows from its tropical green stems. Needing only medium to low light, they thrive indoors for a number of years if you care for them properly. Don’t over-water; check the soil once a week, and only water if it’s dry.

Shelley Nicholson

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