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Fall Décor Ideas

Fall Décor Ideas

OK, I’m NOT one of those people drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattés at the end of July. I’m not one of those people wearing boots and scarves when it’s still 70 degrees outside. I’m not even one of those people planting mums at my doorstep in August. In fact, a friend who owns a farm asked me the other day if I wanted some pumpkins for my porch; My answer? “I don’t want any pumpkins until September 23rd!” (The first official day of fall this year).

I’m the opposite kind of person actually. Hanging on to summer just as long as I possibly can. My flower boxes still have Dahlia’s and Zinnia’s and Begonia’s planted in them. It’s not that I dislike fall, I just think we should give summer it’s due; and that means embracing it until it is no longer. 

But about the first of October, I will get the bug. The Fall Décor bug. And then I’m all in. So if you’re looking for some ways to ring in the season, look no further than these fabulous options! 

Change your Throw Pillows

A quick, simple way to transition from one season to the next is to change out throw pillows on sofas, chairs and beds. Find some fall foliage pillows or just switch to warmer autumn colors. Golden Hill Studio offers some great options for throw pillows! 


Embrace the Great Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a classic, almost cliché symbol of fall. But I say just go with it. Pumpkins (of all colors) can be used to spruce up porches, decks, steps and walkways. And you don’t have to stop there…gourds come in all types of colors and shapes and if you can resist eating them, try some butternut, or acorn squashes in your displays!



Dried Flower Arrangements

I enjoy my hydrangeas all summer long, but as they start to fade, I cut them off and bring them in to dry. I’ve seen some gorgeous wreaths made with dried hydrangeas, but most often I tend to just put a big bunch in a porcelain vase as center piece for my table. If you don’t have dried flowers in your own garden, try local farm stands or craft stores and try your hand at your own arrangements. 

Shelley Nicholson

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