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February: Chock Full of Celebrations

February: Chock Full of Celebrations

Well, we all know that February 2nd is Groundhog Day, and our collective fate is in the hands (or paws) of Punxsutawney Phil and whether he sees his shadow or not. If the shadow is there, he scoots back into his dwelling and we get 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t, then spring is right around the corner. We also know that we celebrate the love in our lives on February 14th; love for our significant other, families and friends. But there are a whole lot more special days in this abbreviated month and I wanted to bring attention to some of my favorites. 

For example, this year, also on February 2nd, we pay homage to National Girls and Women in Sports Day. We’ve come a long way from the World War 2 “fill in” baseball players depicted in the movie A League of Their Own and all you have to do is watch Mikaela Shiffrin race down the hills in this winter’s olympics or watch ANY Serena Williams tennis match to know we have a lot to cheer for! 


Getting back to the calendar, February 18th is National Drink Wine Day. I don’t need to say much more about this one. Grab a friend, a bottle, some pretty glasses and enjoy! 


On February 20th, you can do something that I celebrate EVERY DAY. It’s National Love Your Pet Day. So snuggle with your fur baby (or babies) and toss them some extra treats today!



And another favorite of mine? National Chocolate Covered Nut Day, on February 25th. Doesn’t matter…peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts….cover it with chocolate and I’m a happy gal. 



So, we can look at February as that boring, cold, winter month, or we can look at it as one of the busiest month’s of the year. For more National Days, check out this link:

Shelley Nicholson

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