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Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day Sale

Who doesn’t love to celebrate LOVE? Whether it’s your love for your spouse or partner, a parent, sibling, child, or best friend, showing someone you care, especially on Valentine’s Day, is an age-old tradition. So why not celebrate this year at 10% off! That’s right, now through February 7th, purchase any of our Valentine’s related products and receive 10% off your order. 

Maybe you’d like to give the gift of our exquisite, hand-painted glassware to a loved one. Or maybe you’d like to purchase it for yourself and use it for that romantic dinner you have planned. Or cozy up with our Valentine’s pillows and watch that rom-com you’ve been wanting to see! However you choose to celebrate, won’t it be nice to know you can do it for less?

Our Parisian L’Amour Collection is a classic look, with dainty hearts and vines wrapping around our glassware on an opaque background with a black base.



For a less traditional look, choose our Whimsical Collection, which is also great for the pet lovers in your life!


Love flowers for Valentine’s Day? Then you’ll love our Valentine Heart Pillow. Or hearken back to those old-fashioned greeting cards with our Valentine Love or Be My Valentine Pillows. 


Order from our Parisian L’Amour Collection, our Whimsical Collection, or Valentine Heart, Valentine Love, or Be My Valentine throw pillows. Use CODE:  Valentine22 and order by February 7th for your 10% discount!

Shelley Nicholson

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