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Find Your Hideaway

Find Your Hideaway

It’s almost August folks, and sadly that means our carefree summer days are limited. If you work a lot (like I do) or find your days are spent mostly taking care of others like your children, your significant other, your parents, or your pets, I urge you to find a hideaway; a place where you can go to meditate, decompress, spend time alone or with those you love, or simply enjoy a cocktail on a warm and breezy evening.

You may only have a half hour, but I truly believe that sneaking away to somewhere that isn’t part of your daily routine feeds your soul and relaxes your mind.

For me, my hideaway is a simple, screened in “summer house” down a short path through some woodlands on my property.

During the day, I might take my lunch down here and listen to the rambling brook flowing. Sometimes in the evening, I will gather with friends, cook some simple food over a fire and listen to the unique sounds of the night.

If you don’t have a structure, a simple screened in tent will work. However you build it, where ever you place it, you won't regret having a secret hideaway to escape to!

Shelley Nicholson

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