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Cape Cod Cottage Collection

Cape Cod Cottage Collection

As we approach August, many people are headed to the shore to vacation by the ocean. For many, myself included, the seashore provides a welcome escape from the routine of our everyday lives. The sounds of the waves, the deep blue of the water, the distant shrill of the gulls are all food for the soul and have inspired my Cape Cod Cottage Glassware Collection.

Whether you’ve spent time at the Cape; or coastal Maine, the Outer Banks or any number of beaches along the East, West or Gulf Coasts there is a unique look, sound, smell and feel that is only found at the ocean. I’ve tried to capture this feel in the soft pastels and simple design of this particular glassware.

It is available in six different lighter colors (blue, green, orange, purple, pink, turquoise). Pick a favorite (the turquoise looks great with white or gray décor!) or mix and match for that old-fashioned cottage feel.

If you have your own beach home, this collection is a great way to stock your cupboards and share that seaside living with friends and family. If not, a few pieces in your primary home can be a special reminder of those long, sunny summer days spent looking for shells and beach glass, watching stunning sunrises and sunsets over the bright blue sea and the changing whites, tans and pinks of the sand as the waves lap in and out.

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Shelley Nicholson

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