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For the Love of Cats

For the Love of Cats

I’ve been lucky over the years, to, as they say, be “owned by” a number of cats. If that has a negative connotation, it shouldn’t. Yes, cats can be independent, and elusive at times, but my experience throughout my life is that cats are extremely friendly and loving, and whether it’s a new-born kitten, or an older kitty from the shelter, it doesn’t take long for them to own your heart once you’ve met. 

I currently share my home with three cats, and I can’t imagine this big, old rambling farmhouse without them. It is true that cats may not need as much attention as dogs. For example, you don’t have to walk them several times a day, and cats are content to play with each other or even by themselves as long as they have some catnip, or even just a paper bag. But while they don’t require the attention that dogs do, they do require love. A cat will greet you at the door after a long day of work, cozy up on your lap in the evening and definitely give you a good “purr” if you scratch under their chin. 



Because of this love affair with cats over the years, they have found their way into some of my products and I know without doubt there are a number of cat lovers out there, because they have become some of my best sellers! 


Whether you are currently “owned” by a cat, or have had cats in the past, you’ve been blessed with the special bond shared with our feline friends. 

Shelley Nicholson

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