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Give Thanks then Get Shopping!

Give Thanks then Get Shopping!

This year there are 31 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems almost a joke is being played by the calendar when two major holidays fall so close together. We just barely clear the turkey and stuffing off the table when all the major retail stores start inundating us with Black Friday sales (that now sometimes start as early as the Monday BEFORE the Friday after Thanksgiving!)

My head is spinning and I wonder what this world is coming to? And this is when I remind myself not to get caught up in the hoopla, but to remember what this season is about; whether your pocketbook allows you only to make a home-made ornament for your neighbor, or purchase the hottest electronic trend out there, it is not WHAT we give, but WHY we give.

I truly believe, amidst the TV’s and toys, the gift cards and designer sweaters, the power tools and golf clubs that ultimately we “give” because bringing joy to someone, makes us feel good. So before you melt your credit card from swiping too much, consider the feeling you want to provide with your giving, and give what makes sense. Some ideas to consider are below:

~ Instead of sending a gift basket to a friend/neighbor who might live alone; invite him/her over for dinner and an evening of laughter and conversation.

~ Instead of buying the latest tablet or toy for a child in your life; get tickets to an event that you both would enjoy, such as a concert, show or sporting event.

~ Instead of purchasing a trinket for an aging parent; offer to clean their house, do yard work, sort through photographs…anything that will help them when it may not be as easy for them to do it themselves.

So when you’re making out your “shopping” list for Christmas, consider the endless possibilities and give with your heart.

Shelley Nicholson

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