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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Ok, I know we’re still more than three weeks away from Halloween, but when you work in retail, you get used to constantly thinking ahead. You know how it works; you’re in shorts and a t-shirt at your favorite summer beach destination. You run into a convenience store to grab some sunscreen and you’re bombarded with Halloween candy and decorations. Or you head to the grocery store the day after Christmas…and all the Valentine’s Day cards and candy are displayed.

There’s two ways to look at this; greedy corporate entities trying to capitalize on your emotional attachment to the holidays; or, intelligent retailers that understand that because most of these holidays only last a day, the weeks leading up to said holiday, are often when people want to decorate, prepare and celebrate. We want to make it last as best we can.


I’ll choose to belong to the second group. Although Halloween is several weeks away, you may want to have friends over for a Halloween themed wine tasting, take a decorative cake to a neighbor, or bring in a spooky cheese platter to your colleagues at work. However you choose to celebrate, I hope you enjoy the process of planning, so I’ll leave you with our Pumpkin Family Collection as you plan your Halloween Festivities!

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Shelley Nicholson

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