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Flamingo Fun Collection

Flamingo Fun Collection

It’s been a little while since we’ve introduced a new glassware collection here at Golden Hill Studio. So I’m extremely excited to launch our brand new Flamingo Fun Collection!

Born from a conversation with my darling niece, the flamingo signifies to us something exotic, graceful and distinctive. While discussing options for a new design one day, we came upon the topic of flamingos. Our consensus being that the flamingo is much more than a plastic lawn ornament in a retirement community in Florida.

Flamingos are very socially oriented birds and are rarely seen alone. They tend to belong to large flocks or colonies and while they do not always mate for life due to the large number of birds in their colony, they do often form strong pair bonds. The chicks will be attended to by the parent birds for one to two weeks after hatching, and then groups of chicks will congregate together into “crèches”. The adults share responsibility for their feeding and safety at this point. I guess “it takes a village” to raise these lovely birds.

The flamingos’ vibrant colors and exquisite beauty have always been intriguing to me and thus we’ve tried to capture this in our new line of glassware.

Click here for more of our Flamingo Fun Collection!

Shelley Nicholson

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