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Herbs; Nourish and Decorate

Herbs; Nourish and Decorate

We all know herbs are a fantastic way to flavor food. Soups, stews, casseroles, meats and vegetables are generally brought to another level when one or more herbs are added to them. Some of my personal favorites include basil, dill, oregano and cilantro. I have my “tried and true” recipes; for example I almost always make a rosemary and thyme rub for my roast pork loin. I will never make a lobster or crab salad roll again without adding dill (it works great for tuna salad too!) And fresh cilantro is a must, when making homemade guacamole!


The attraction of most herbs is the intense and unique aromas which promise a party for your tastebuds when used in cooking. But now consider this…those same aromas can be used as a natural air freshener for your house. And as a bonus, many of these plants add color to your home. 


I don’t remember exactly when herbs became a part of my inside decor. For years, I only had my outdoor kitchen garden from which I would use fresh herbs during the summer and then dry or freeze them for winter use. However, now I have my favorites (both the ones I love the look of and the ones I use most in my cooking) potted in my home. Not only do they spruce up the place, but they are close at hand when I need them, and available most, if not all of the year.


It could be easy to get overwhelmed with indoor herb gardens or plants. My suggestion is to research which ones grow well indoors; the average size and height they become; and know which ones you prefer. You can create a lovely look in your home as well as have the freshest herbs at your fingertips!

Shelley Nicholson

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