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Spring into Action

Spring into Action

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings. Trees are budding, birds are nesting and there’s a general feeling of hope and anticipation in the air. I think spring is also a great time to take action. For many of us, there’s something we’ve always wanted to do to give back; to our family, friends, neighbors or community. I feel like this season is literally the time to “spring” forward and make something happen.

I’ve always wanted to volunteer somehow for a local animal shelter, but of course work (mostly) and other commitments have seemingly kept me from taking the plunge. Every location is different but did you know that at many shelters they will welcome anything from 1 hour a week, to several days of volunteerism. Walk some dogs, clean some kennels, help shelve donated food, or pet some cats. A few minutes really can make a difference in the quality of an animal’s life until he/she finds their forever home.



Not a pet person? Consider some of these other options where likewise, just a little of your time can make a LOT of difference. 

  • See what your local senior center might need. Do you have a skill or talent? Teach a sewing or exercise class or play cards or board games with some of the members.
  • Schools. While you may need some professional skills to coach a sport, often volunteers are needed to help maintain playing areas, or with administrative duties for school clubs and organizations.
  • Local clubs. Many small communities have member clubs such as the Elks, the Moose, Knights of Columbus and more. They continuously look for new members to help with events they offer the community, whereby they raise money for scholarships, and local charitable organizations.
  • Veterans. While there are a number of high profile veterans organizations out there, if you live in a small community your local VFW or American Legion is a great place to help out while honoring the sacrifice made by so many over the years.


If you feel the call to give back, use this spring season as the catalyst to take that step and give back to others.

Shelley Nicholson

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