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International Flavor, Here at Home

International Flavor, Here at Home

You may have noticed that Golden Hill Studio is making some changes. We are working to better communicate our brand and make our advertising, marketing and social media more cohesive and inclusive. It all sounds so sterile and corporate, but truly, it’s a labor of love.

You see, many of our glassware designs are inspired by my travel. Whether it was Spain and Grenada over 40 years ago, or Machu Picchu last year, the colors and textures of many cultures are woven into my work.

Globally Inspired; Locally Created

Working with a team of marketing professionals, they told me I needed a “tag line.” After brainstorming, the above is what we decided upon. I like it…it captures the feeling of the art behind the process of the product.

In addition, we are re-naming our glassware collections to capture the international feel as well. For years, in my mind, I’ve always known that our Mosaic Collections were my vision of the intricate colors and patterns of Morocco. Thus we now offer Moroccan Mosaic Carnival, Moroccan Mosaic Lilac, Moroccan Mosaic Gold and Moroccan Mosaic Forest.

Our Frosted Curl designs were inspired by the winding, climbing terrain in Peru, and so it becomes our Peruvian Splendor Collection.

The Grape Glassware could truly hold nostalgia for any vineyard or winery, but for me, it was born from a visit to the Napa Valley, and is now called Napa Grapes ‘n Vines.

Some others with personal influence: Our Retro Collection has become our Cape Cod Cottage Collection.

And our Blue Floral has become our Barcelona Blue Collection.

For more of our globally themed glassware visit

When you put your heart and soul into your art, and it is your life’s work, it becomes a part of you, and so the re-naming of these collections has been approached with much thought and care. I hope these collections remind you of some far away place but also allow you to make new memories in your home!

Shelley Nicholson

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