Pool Potential

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Pool Potential

Pool Potential

It has been HOT and HUMID here in the northeast folks; I’m talking several weeks of highs in the 90’s and lows in the 70’s. Maybe that doesn’t compare to down south, but because our season is so short, I think this type of weather pattern always takes us by surprise.

I’m very lucky to have been able to put in a beautiful in ground pool over my years-long renovations of my Golden Hill home, and it’s a fantastic way to cool off, refresh and rejuvenate whether it’s an early morning swim, a mid-day dip, or an evening pool party!

A pool can be a lot of work, so before you “jump in” and get your own, do your research and check your budget. Seriously folks, pulling a lawn chair up and soaking your feet in a kiddie pool from Walmart, can be a huge relief on a hot day!

However, if you’re considering an in ground pool, this article from River Pools and Spas goes over everything you should consider before “diving in!”


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