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My Guilty Pleasure

My Guilty Pleasure

I’ve never been shy about my love of antiques. My old rambling farmhouse is filled with them and I consistently find myself drawn to antique stores, auctions and flea markets in hopes of finding that next special piece.

My ultimate guilty pleasure is dish ware; china, pewter, pottery, you name it. If I can find a lovely teacup, a shining serving platter or a solid crock I’m in seventh heaven. There is something about imagining the life a piece like this had before me. It hearkens back to an era that has become magical in my mind. Were tea and sandwiches served to British nobility? Was there an early American wife churning butter by hand? Were the first western settlers carrying their treasured pewter in a covered wagon along the Oregon Trail? In most cases I may never know but the imagining of it all is so much fun!

Once you begin collecting these types of items, it’s only natural to want to display them to share their beauty with friends and family who might be guests in your home. The key is finding the right hutch or cabinet that will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your collection. Whether it’s a perfectly matched set of china passed down through the generations of your family, or separate pieces you’ve found in your travels, don’t hide them away in a closet somewhere, be sure to create a space where their beauty and intrigue can be enjoyed by all!

Shelley Nicholson

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