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My Love Affair with Pinterest

My Love Affair with Pinterest

The naysayers (many my age) will go on and on about how technology has corrupted the younger generation. Social Media is ruining minds and posture, wreaking havoc in an already unruly world. Even I, an embracer of technology, admit to having my doubts sometimes.

However, I understand, I couldn’t run my business without today’s technology. I’m guessing that most business owners couldn’t. We use cell phones to keep in touch with vendors and clients. We use web-based accounting management systems to keep track of our invoices and bills. We use Facebook and Instagram to market our products. And we use Pinterest to gather and share ideas; ideas that many times become new cornerstones of our trade.

I was going through old papers and photos recently and came across a letter I’d sent to my grandmother when I was a little girl. In my awkward attempt at cursive writing, I had listed a full description of a specific nightgown I would like her to send me for my birthday. I had taped a picture painstakingly cut out from the Sears & Roebuck catalog, and because it was black and white, I was sure to list my color choices in order of most favorite to least (mint green, light blue, pink). I included the size I would need and made sure to tell her exactly what page in the catalog she could find it. About a month later, right before I turned 9, I received a package from Florida with the most perfect mint green nightgown I had ever seen!

And thus began my affair (although I didn’t know it at the time) with Pinterest. For isn’t what I did, posting an image, with a description and link back to where to find the product, and then getting it to the consumer, EXACTLY what Pinterest does for us today? Yes, it’s much (much, much) quicker, and yes, there are many (many, many) more choices available, but when you break it down, technology, in many ways, is simply how our generation continues to do the things we’ve always done, and yet immerse ourselves in today’s world.

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