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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

We are coming upon perhaps the MOST commercialized holiday of the year…Valentine’s Day. Some of us head full throttle into this day, spending an entire paycheck on roses, jewelry, exquisite chocolates and gourmet dinners, while others of us approach it with an “it’s just another day” attitude. I guess I would have to say I fall somewhere in between.

If you’re not currently in a relationship, it may be hard to approach this day with anything other than cynicism. However, true love is never a bad thing and can be found on so many different levels. I like to approach Valentine’s Day as a reminder to love in a broader sense. How, you ask? The opportunities are endless!

LOVE your parents; If your parents are still living and nearby, take them to dinner, stop in for a chat, or help with a project they may have. If they live at a distance, send a card, flowers, or better yet, set aside some time for a nice long phone call.

LOVE your children; They might be using magic marker on your couch cushions, or smearing peanut butter on your walls right now. If they are teenagers, they might only communicate with an eye roll. But they are also the only people on earth whose joys, triumphs and accomplishments mean more to you than your own. Tell them you love them; show them you love them, whether it’s with a gooey, heart-shaped, sugar filled, purple and green confection that you would NEVER put in your mouth, or by promising NOT to yell at the referees at their next basketball game.

LOVE your pet; If you have pets, you’re a pet-person. Think of the look you get when you walk in the door after a long day of work. NO ONE else looks at you with such love and devotion, NO ONE else can’t wait to jump into your arms or lap for snuggles, as much as your pets. Shower some extra treats, squeaky toys, play time and walks on your fur baby.

LOVE your neighbor; It’s easy to get frustrated, and even angry with humanity in general. I think Valentine’s Day, should serve as a challenge to us to try to have patience with those who cause us frustration and to try each day to treat each other with kindness and empathy. If this is done without expectation of anything in return, I believe that love will win, and you will ultimately reap rewards in the form of receiving the kindness and empathy of others.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shelley Nicholson

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