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Patriotic Collection

Patriotic Collection

Several years ago, an idea for a design I’d had for some time was finally realized. I looked around and saw that as Americans, even in our most challenging times, it seemed to me that many of us take pride in this great land of ours, thus was born our Patriotic Collection. 


Regardless of one’s political beliefs, we all share the same flag and our Patriotic Collection celebrates all the freedom and joy we are so lucky to have. There are three holidays that specifically honor this; Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Many of us recognize these holidays with picnics and gatherings to pay homage to those who have fought throughout our history to maintain the freedom we enjoy. 


If you are hosting one of these celebrations this year, pieces from this collection will help you get in the spirit of the day. If you are heading to a celebration somewhere, this glassware makes for great host/hostess gifts as well. The hand-painted, vibrant red, white and blue colors along with the bold stars are perfect for these special holidays, or any time of the year.



See more of our Patriotic Collection, and raise a toast to America!

Shelley Nicholson

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