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Oriental Poppy Floral Collection

Oriental Poppy Floral Collection

Every so often we share with you the inspirations behind one of our glassware collections. Often the designs come from my travels, the people I’ve met, the outdoor markets, the flora and fauna I’ve witnessed etc. But when it comes to our Oriental Poppy Floral Collection, the inspiration comes from the fact that they are simply one of my most favorite flowers.



If you’ve ever been witness to a dreamy field of poppies, you know it can be quite breathtaking. The sea of red is cheerful beyond measure and depending where you live you can experience these delicate, yet sturdy flowers from May through October.



The poppy has also become a symbol of the first World War. Poppies are often worn as a tribute of honor and remembrance to those who fought in that war and carry a significance of pride and peace.


With all this in mind, we created our detailed pieces highlighting the flower itself, and complimenting it with rich gold and copper hues. See more of our Oriental Poppy Floral Collection here and enjoy your spring flowers!

Shelley Nicholson

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