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Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

It’s been a while since we talked about the Golden Hill Studio Gift Registry, but it seems appropriate at this time of year, when so many are celebrating weddings, anniversaries and other special milestones, to do a little reminder.

Golden Hill Studio’s hand-painted glassware and decor were created from my love of art, painting and decorating, but also with the intent to create unique items, made in the USA, that help personalize your gift giving. 

Sure, you can write the happy couple couple a check, or make a gift card tree for your best friend’s big birthday, and I’m not saying those gifts wouldn’t be appreciated. But when you are selecting a gift for a special occasion, for someone you have a close relationship with, isn’t it nice to give a gift that reminds you of them, and likewise, will always remind them of you when they look at it?


Whether it is the champagne flutes the bride and groom toast with, the cake dish your grandparents anniversary cake is displayed in, or those favorite wine glasses you use every time your best friend comes to visit, a personalized gift has meaning and a sentimental value that money or gift cards just don’t deliver.



So if you know someone that would like to join our gift registry, or you just want to peruse what Golden Hill has to offer, we happily invite you to check out our website. And oh….I’m a firm believer it’s ok to buy yourself a gift from time to time, as well!

Shelley Nicholson

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