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Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day, or the 4th of July as it's commonly known, is a celebration of the original 13 American colonies signing the Declaration of Independence and gaining their freedom from British rule. To ponder this, and consider the importance and the immensity of it one realizes how our forefathers created the basis for what we now call the Unites States of America.


Like many of us, I recognize the ongoing struggles and challenges we face as a nation. However, in thinking about all of this, one thing really struck me this year. Looking back almost a year and a half ago, I recall the fear, the anxiety, the isolation and the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our country, and the world, has been through so much, including the loss of precious lives. While that will not be forgotten, I also look back and see how this great country of ours came together to uphold and support one another.


From making masks in the early days, to fundraisers to get restaurants and other small businesses back on track, our true humanity has shined. Just like our forefathers, we all made sacrifices large and small and because of it, the freedom we are slowly regaining is all the sweeter.


This 4th of July I hope you take a moment to be grateful for your Independence.

Shelley Nicholson

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