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Ready to update your décor?

Ready to update your décor?

I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, and while I don’t think you have to be a slave to the latest and greatest look out there for your home, the occasional update can help you fall in love with your house all over again. And sometimes all it takes is a subtle tweak to make your space more current. For instance, many designers I’ve read say that indigo is out as a color in homes, but that navy is trending as a fresh alternative to the neutral black in homes. It’s a subtle shift to a more rich, sophisticated hue that I find appealing.

Trends to watch

In other color news, Pantone’s 2017 color of the year—Greenery—is the impetus behind a renewed interest in cheery shades that imply revitalization and renewal. Another happy motif you can expect to see more of is butterflies, but the incarnation is sophisticated not childlike. Other hot décor trends include artisan items that reflect the craftsmanship and skill required in their creation. This is a trend I’m particularly excited about because it directly connects to glassmaking. I love it when the work of my artisans receives the respect and appreciation that it deserves!

Texture will also play a bigger role in home décor, whether it is visually through the mixing of patterns to luxe materials that beg to be touched. Additionally, details such as pleating, folding and even the use of nailhead trim in new ways factor into this trend of playing up a tactile and visual dimension to create a sense of comfort and welcome. I know I crave a cozy retreat to escape the world every now and then.

Trends on the way out

What goes up, must come down. Right? As the décor trends shift to new looks and ideas, others are bound to fall out of favor. We’ve all seen the increased interest in smaller living spaces in the home renovation world. As a result, oversized furniture seems to be falling out of vogue.

The popular look of an all-white room seems to be on the decline, too, as folks move away from the starkness of that style. Also the retro appeal of Edison bulbs and other industrial-influenced looks are waning—the ying to the yang of the rise of texture’s influence in the home.

For me it all boils down to warm, inviting and comforting is in, cold, sharp and space-hogging is out. I’m always excited to see how the world of home fashion is shifting, and the ways that I can update designs to reflect what you want in your surroundings.

Elizabeth Hestle

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