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Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

Ok, maybe it’s not quite spring yet, but I sure like to daydream about it a lot! March is here, and there’s so much “newness” to look forward to. We turn the clocks ahead (in most states) in the wee hours of Sunday, March 10th, retaining that precious extra hour of daylight. St. Patrick’s day also falls on a Sunday this year and the official first day of spring is Wednesday, March 20th. While the weather can still be unpredictable, I still celebrate March, because there is no denying longer, warmer, brighter days are near!

Spring is a time of growth, re-growth and for me, clarity. I will start my seeds indoors (more on that in a week or two) so they are ready for transplant outside once the threat of frost has passed. I will methodically begin to put away the darker, richer décor and replace it with the soft pastels of the season. I will clean and organize (or so it says on my “list of things to do”), and I will rejoice in the sounds of the songbirds chirping outside my open windows.

In recognition and celebration of this most lovely season, Golden Hill Studio is offering a limited time promotion on our entire glassware collection, including our brand new Springtime in Paris collection. If you purchase a glassware item by May 1, 2019 you will receive a 2nd item, of equal or lesser value, at half the regular price. Use code SPRING19 and enjoy a little springtime on me! 

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Shelley Nicholson

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