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Glassware Design: The Process

Glassware Design: The Process

Many times, customers and friends ask me how I come up with a new glassware design. I wish I could say I had some fail-proof process of creating a design and then simply transferring it to the glass. But like many artists, our minds don’t generally take the straightest path, but instead, wind, and curve and sometimes even retrace our steps before arriving at our destination.

I am lucky beyond words to have Sarah, an exceptional artist, at my disposal. She and I brainstorm every idea together and then, quite honestly, it’s simply a process of trial and error. There is no sketching or fancy computer generated design. We simply begin painting, and typically don’t love the first (or second, or third) version. But through each attempt, we get a little closer to our vision, and finally end up with a design we love. The glassware is then baked to hold the painted design, photographed for marketing and put into inventory for sale.

 We have just finished up our newest design, Springtime in Paris.

Watch here, as Sarah works diligently on wine glasses for this collection.


Shelley Nicholson


Shelley Nicholson

Did not know Sarah did this. Used to go to church with her family when I lived in NY. Love the collection.

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