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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Tomorrow, June 21st, marks the summer solstice A.K.A. the first day of summer. It’s the longest day of the year, meaning that here in the northeast, the sun rises shortly after 5 am and sets close to 9 pm. Sixteen glorious hours of daylight! While many people I know bemoan the heat and sometime humidity of the warmer months, I’ve always basked in everything related to summer. The long days, the warm weather, the fact that you don’t have to put 5 layers of clothing on just to go out the door to your car. Summer is easy. Summer is comfortable. Summer is fun. Want to “lean into” summer? Here’s some of my favorite summertime activities!

Take a Walk

Personally, I love to get up as soon as the sun rises (yes to beat the heat) but also it’s when the world is first coming alive. Listen carefully. You will hear all kinds of birds singing and calling to one another. The dew is beginning to dry from the trees and flowers. And if you’re lucky enough to live near, or be visiting the coast, it’s the absolute BEST time for a walk on the beach! 


Dining al Fresco

Whether you are meeting friends at an outdoor café for lunch, wine-tasting at a local vineyard, or having family over for a barbecue, nothing beats the relaxation of eating outside. So sip a cocktail, linger over grilled meats and pasta salads and don’t worry if a crumb drops on the ground…there’s sure to be a sweet little sparrow or chipmunk happy to clean up after you!


Hit the Water

Pool. Stream. River. Pond. Lake. Ocean. Doesn’t matter. Water is refreshing for both your body and your mind. If you have, or know someone that has a pool, grab a good book, and an umbrella and spend a couple hours getting lost, metaphorically. Love nature? Take a hike near a stream, look for flora and fauna and notice how much cooler it is by that babbling brook. If you’re headed to the beach or out on a boat, make sure you pack the sunscreen and hydrate and you’ll have the time of your life! 



Summer is upon us, but it will, as always, go by too quickly and we will find ourselves longing for the tranquility of summer, so do whatever it is you enjoy during this precious season. 

Shelley Nicholson

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