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Cats...Part Deux

Cats...Part Deux

(An update from my 11/1/22 post)


In my previous post about how I came to be a FOUR (yes, 4!) cat household, Mr. Bud, Coco, Arlo and I were still adjusting to this sweet little bundle that was left in my warehouse last year. For lack of a better name at the time, I was just calling him Itty Bitty Kitty, because he was a tiny little thing with some funny markings. As I mentioned, my initial intentions were to make sure he was healthy and re-home him to someone who would love and spoil him. 



By the time we got the clean bill of health from the vet, I realized he was already being loved ….AND spoiled; by ME! Itty Bitty wasn’t going anywhere. 

As the days go on, I am reminded of something that I’ve always believed to be true, and that I’ve seen manifested so many times with strays, rescues and their humans. There are so many times that our pets find us, not the other way around. And they worm their way into our hearts, when we didn’t even know we had room for any more love there. 

Arlo loves to play! 
Coco is NOT sharing her new toy!


Mr. Bud was gifted to me by a dear friend. Arlo and Coco happened to be born at a nearby farm, just when Mr. Bud and I were grieving the loss of my dear Claudette. And someone who didn’t feel that they could take care of him, dropped off this little ball of fur, who has since been renamed Smudge.

3 out of 4; Smudge, Mr. Bud & Arlo


And after not wanting another cat at the time, I find myself feeling so lucky that he chose me!

Smudge, living his best life on a recent sunny day!
Shelley Nicholson

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