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Super Bowls

Super Bowls

This past Sunday, many of us tuned in to Super Bowl 55 (or LV in Roman numerals); if not for the game itself, then for the myriad commercials known just as much for their humor or drama, as their marketing potential.

Whether you are a huge football fan, rooting for a specific team, or a casual observer with nothing else to do during a pandemic, the Bowl has become an American Pastime. And although you likely didn’t attend a large Super Bowl Party this year, you may have enjoyed some cocktails and snacks with close family or friends. This got me thinking about serving up those snacks; popcorn, nachos, wings and more, and the versatility of a simple bowl. You can put just about anything in a bowl and your presentation increases tenfold.


At Golden Hill Studio, almost all of our collections include bowls in their pattern, and most come in two sizes, large and small.


Whether you are serving a tossed salad, or fruit, as I most often use them for, or using bowls to decorate or hold your jewelry, we have a number of designs. They are functional, useful, pretty and make great gifts!


Head over to our website to see more of our Golden Hill Studio Super Bowls!

Shelley Nicholson

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