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Swiss Twilight Collection

Swiss Twilight Collection

The glassware in our Swiss Twilight Collection is so versatile. The dainty pewter and white leaf design is perfect for the bride and groom’s toast at their wedding, a silver wedding anniversary celebration, or a 21st birthday. And, while it’s great for celebrating these momentous occasions, the design is just modest enough for everyday use as well.



Visiting Switzerland counts among some of my favorite memories. I was fortunate to have spent time there with my mother and grandmother and the charming villages and friendly Swiss people are something I will never forget. Coming from the southern United States, we rarely had snow, so seeing the snow capped mountains of Switzerland and strolling through the little towns that looked as if they were from a Christmas movie was absolutely fascinating.



The air was so clear and so fresh, and my favorite remembrances are the early evenings as the sun was dipping behind the mountains, and the twinkles of stars were just beginning to sparkle in what seemed like a silver sky. This was the vision that I took with me and the one I called upon when creating our Swiss Twilight design.



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Shelley Nicholson

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