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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

We’re almost there….SPRING! And I can’t wait. Longer days, green grass, a little mud and….flowers! In reality, here in the northeast, it’s going to be at least another month before those first floral beauties start popping up in the garden. In the meantime, your local florist, farmers’ market or even your neighborhood grocery store will be advertising spring flowers. I love to head out at this time of year and treat myself to a bouquet to brighten up my kitchen and there are so many pretty petals to choose from.

Crocus: Always the very first sign of spring to me, these dainty little flowers in hues of purple, pink, blue and white, don’t take up too much room, but bring a little cheer into your home. I like to place a couple small potted crocuses on the window sill above my sink.



Daffodil: Traditionally mostly yellow, these early spring flowers are the embodiment of sunshine and happiness. While hybrid varieties now come in whites, peaches and pinks, a vase on your kitchen table is sure to bring a smile to your face.



Hyacinths: Not only are the trumpet like blossoms of the pink and purple hyacinth a welcome sight after a long winter, but their intoxicating scent is pure bliss. I like to place these in the hallway near my front door so that it’s the first thing I see…and smell, when I walk in.



Tulips: These versatile first flowers of spring come in a multitude of colors. Sometimes I like to pick a single shade to put in a tall vase, and others, I like to mix and match creating a rainbow effect in my home.



Whatever your preference, if you want to do something nice for yourself, I suggest you beeline to your nearest flower seller and pick yourself some pretty spring posies!

Shelley Nicholson

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