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The Birds and the Bees

The Birds and the Bees

Many of us love to watch colorful songbirds and pretty butterflies, and bees are an integral part of the survival of plants and flowers through pollination. So how do you get these smallest of creatures to visit your yard?

Keep in mind that the three B’s need pretty much the same thing as you and I; food, water and shelter. Yes, birds, bees and butterflies are pretty adept at finding these basic necessities on their own, but if you enjoy seeing them frequently, you can create a haven for them in your own backyard.

Several years ago, I was doing a lifestyle photoshoot for our table runner product line in my garden. Just as I was about to take the picture, this lovely butterfly, a Tiger Swallowtail, landed and I clicked the shutter. It was my "butterfly angel" that day!

Providing birdhouses is a way to ensure you will have birds in your yard for at least one season. Different types of housing attract different types of birds and you may choose to purchase a bird house that is already made, a kit you can put together or you can DIY it. For more on what type of birdhouse attracts which types of birds, see here.

Consider also placing one or more birdbaths in your outdoor space and different types of feeders. If you live in an area populated by bears, however, be mindful that having bird feeders could do more harm than good. While bears will come to feeders during the day, they tend to do most of their foraging at night, so if you do keep your feeders out during the summer, it might be best to bring them in the house or garage overnight. If you are trying to attract specific types of birds, do some research (Hummingbirds like a simple mix of sugar and water, Baltimore Orioles are attracted to oranges, etc.).

To keep those bees and butterflies around, the number one thing you can do is to plant flowers. The well-known Butterfly Bush is a great way to lure in the winged beauties and flowers like Phlox, Lantana and Heliotrope will also do the trick.

To research more on how to create the perfect environment for the birds, butterflies & bees, click here.

Shelley Nicholson

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