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The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin

Working on my property to improve and enhance the beauty of it, has always been a great joy of mine. I thrive on the challenge to create what I envision in my mind and rejoice in the sense of satisfaction when a project is complete.

Nearly 40 years ago, in 1979, the pond you see in these pictures was dug. Several years later, in the early 1980’s my dream of a “little log cabin” was realized, when my neighbor, along with his team of horses, pulled logs from Golden Hill State Forest, which adjoins my land. Lucky for me he also had a sawmill measuring and cutting the logs to the needed size.

Furnishing and decorating the cabin is an ongoing labor of love. I typically like to start with a signature piece, like the brown leather couch, and then build around it with treasured antiques and yard sale finds. Adding in some decorative pillows, throws and woven baskets add to the rustic interior.

If you ever feel the need to “get away from it all”, the cabin is available for rent with a minimum 2-night stay. All inquiries can be emailed to

Shelley Nicholson

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