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It’s getting colder, and I tend to want to stay in more, but I also can’t sit still for too long. Therefore, I find myself “nesting”; rearranging and redecorating the space I will inhabit for the majority of the next 4-6 months of northeast winter. I love to move furniture around, change pictures on the walls and mix and match pieces I’ve collected. I also like to see what I can do on a budget, and over the years I’ve found a number of ways to decorate (and redecorate) a space for your own look and feel. There are so many ways to take whatever space you have and make it uniquely yours.

  • Hand-me-downs: It may not be polite to ask, but sometimes your parents, grandmother, uncle or neighbor may be cleaning out, and looking to give away some of their pieces. Take advantage if you can!
  • Second-hand/consignment shops: Typically these shops sell furniture at a heavily discounted price, even if it’s only slightly used.
  • Tag Sales/Yard Sales: You have to invest some time, but that feeling when you find the perfect piece for a steal is hard to beat. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”
  • Auctions: Oh my, you haven’t had fun, if you haven’t been to an auction. Look for auction houses and antique dealers that specialize in estate sales. You can get some beautiful pieces, and you only pay what you’re willing to…bidder, bidder, bidder!
  • Online discount retailers/wholesalers: Places like Wayfair and tend to offer new furniture, bedding, décor etc. at a price that is below the average department store.

It might be chilly outside, but you can create a fresh, cozy space for yourself and your family with a little brainstorming and ingenuity!

Shelley Nicholson


Shelley Nicholson


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