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The Middle

The Middle

This is it; maybe not on the calendar, considering we just barely observed the summer solstice on June 21st, but July is what I always consider the middle of summer. We still have sunlight into the late evening hours. Hot, sunny days and warm, mild nights. The snow and ice are a distant memory and we aren’t yet thinking about pumpkin spice or going back to school.

For me, the middle is my favorite. Why, you ask? Well, there is a general carefree feeling that resonates in the middle of the summer. As long as you have a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and some flip flops, you don’t have to give much thought to your wardrobe (outside of your place of employment of course!). I feel more spontaneous in the summer; if I want to invite my friends and neighbors for a barbecue, I can quickly run to the market, pick up loads of fresh, local foods and except for the occasional summer shower, not have to worry about canceling due to poor weather.

I love to see people enjoying the outdoors; kids riding bicycles, people walking dogs, kayaking or canoeing in the lakes and rivers, and enjoying hiking trails and beaches across the northeast.

These experiences and the lovely warm weather are something I cherish. The calendar will show us that summer will come and go all too quickly, so as we flip the page to July, I encourage you all to enjoy the middle and have a Happy 4th of July!

Shelley Nicholson

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