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Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

First, only the nights are cooler, with the warm rays of the sun still shining during the day. But eventually that chill lasts into the late morning, the days become a little shorter and all of a sudden the long, lazy days of summer have changed as quickly as the leaves.

It always catches me by surprise, this time of year that isn’t really summer anymore, but isn’t quite yet autumn. Just like my t-shirts and flip flops start to look a little out of place, so do my vibrant floral throw pillows and pastel table runners.

Transitioning your home from one season to the next doesn’t have to mean completely rearranging your décor, nor does it have to take all that long. Here are some ideas for quickly getting your home ready for the golden glow of fall:

  • Replace throw pillows on sofas, chairs and beds. Solid fabrics can be shifted from lighter colors to deeper, richer greens, golds, rust and reds, while patterns can turn from ginghams or florals to plaids or scenic.
  • Switch out tablecloths, placemats and table runners. Many of the same rules listed for pillows apply. Also try finding fabrics embroidered with threads in fall colors, gold, orange, forest green etc.
  • Glass bowls, vases and other displays can remain; just swap the content. For example, try apples where you usually display lemons or pumpkin scented candles to replace lavender.
  • The simplest of all? A wreath for your front door. There’s no end to fall wreaths at specialty boutiques, craft shows or, be really adventurous and make one yourself!

You can’t stop the seasons from changing, but you CAN prepare your home for it!

Photo credit: Rikki Snyder Photography

Shelley Nicholson

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