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What a Difference...

What a Difference...

…a year makes. A year ago, I had just returned from one of the most fabulous trips I’ve ever taken. I spent a milestone birthday with two of my best friends exploring the Dordogne region of France. While it wasn’t my first visit to the country, it was certainly a memorable one for a number of reasons.

Those reasons you ask? The food, the wine, the historic caves, the architecture, the natural beauty and the camaraderie of friends who were just as excited to learn and explore, as I was.



Just a few short months later, the world shut down. I think back to that blissful time when the only thing we worried about was whether we would buy food at the market to cook in our rented farmhouse, or venture into town to try one of the delightful restaurants. When the smiles and handshakes and hugs from the locals weren’t something to be afraid of.


I’m not sure when I’ll travel again. I’m not sure when, or if, our world will ever be “normal” again. But all the unknowns, only serve to make the memories of this glorious adventure all the sweeter. Vive la France!


Shelley Nicholson

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