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Wonder Women

Wonder Women

Often, clients ask me about the background behind some of the products we sell. While we are proud to create and sell our own products here in the United States, there are times where a need for a product and the story behind it makes it a win-win for us to sell here at Golden Hill Studio.

Thus, I introduce Nevine Sobhi and the Egyptian Artisan Collection. I have worked with Nevine for many years and consider her a good friend. Her talent and creativity are incredible, but it’s her business model that has me completely inspired.

After studying fine arts in Egypt, Nevine began a business creating and selling beaded glassware based on processes that date back to the time of the Pharoahs. Her product is completely handmade in Alexandria, Egypt mostly by women. While men do some of the glasswork, Nevine promotes and encourages women to work and has often hired women in need of a steady income due to divorce or being widowed.

After learning the beadwork techniques, the women often pay it forward by teaching their relatives and friends, creating an everlasting workforce. Nevine’s company is the only one in Egypt producing this type of product under her own design and the only exporter. We are lucky to be able to offer this collection here at Golden Hill Studio. She also exports to Europe, Asia and South Africa.

I hope to travel to Egypt in the near future, to see first-hand this incredible art and business!

Shelley Nicholson

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