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Your Pets & Fireworks

Your Pets & Fireworks

We are coming upon the 4th of July weekend which typically calls for all sorts of celebrations, many of which end with fireworks. While these beautiful displays of light are a spectacular way to commemorate our independence, remember, they can also be terrifying for your pets. 

I know there are millions of us in this country that love our pets unconditionally, so I thought now would be a great time to share a few pointers that I have researched to keep our fur babies happy and calm during any fireworks displays. 

1)   DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO A FIREWORKS DISPLAY!  Hopefully, this goes without saying, but even if you think your dog is fine on a leash, remember, they have a heightened sense of hearing and an intuition that is beyond our capacity. The noise and smell of the fireworks alone can cause the most laid back dog to panic. Add in crying children, adults that may be celebrating a little too much and/or other dogs at an event and it can be a recipe for disaster. 


2)   If possible, stay home with your pet during a fireworks display if you are within sound range of them. If you are calm and relaxed, your dog or cat is more likely to remain calm and relaxed. If they are panicked, try to hold or comfort them by staying close. Your touch can be extremely reassuring.


3)   If you can’t be home, create a safe space for your pets. Whether that is a single room in your home or the house itself, close windows, blinds and curtains to help muffle the sound. Be sure they have a bed, blanket or other comfortable, known “security blanket” to sleep on. Their favorite toys can help also. They also make toys for both cats and dogs that you can put food in and the have to work to get the food out. This can create a distraction from nearby fireworks. 


4)   Be sure your pet has proper identification. Hopefully, they have an imbedded microchip. If not, be sure they have a collar with a tag and your name and home address and phone number. If your pet was to slip away by accident, he/she is much more likely to be returned to you safely if he/she has the proper ID.


Please enjoy your 4th of July celebrations, but please remember to keep the safety of your best friends in mind! 

Happy Independence Day! 


Shelley Nicholson

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