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Chalk Black & White Collection

Chalk Black & White Collection

Last in our series (for now) about the origins of all our glassware designs, we focus on our Chalk Black & White Collection. Often, I come up with a concept, then work with my artist, Sarah, to sketch an initial design. We kind of collaborate to make the vision I already have in my head come to life. 

However, this one kind of took a backwards trajectory. Quite honestly, I didn’t have this in mind at all, until I stumbled upon this fantastic paint, that works like a chalkboard. Yes, it’s true, this paint adheres to the glassware, and not only can be written on with chalk, but can also be erased and re-written on, time after time. 



When I learned of this, only then did this design start to form. I wanted to make it really different from all our other designs. Getting away from florals and intricate swirls, we created a very modern, block type pattern that can work with classic to contemporary décor. 



It’s great for children’s parties, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. And when you gift it to someone, they can use it for a multitude of events throughout their lives. Head to our website for more of our Chalk Black & White Collection. 

Shelley Nicholson

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