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A Glass for Every Occasion

A Glass for Every Occasion

I was watching a TV show the other day about the Middle Ages. As big, burly, bearded men (and some women) were drinking their ale from a horn, I got to thinking about how far we’ve come in terms of our drinking receptacles.

According to Wikipedia, a “Drinking Horn” is the horn of a bovid (a mammal of the cattle family) used as a drinking vessel. I, for one, am glad for our progression!

Even as a little girl, when we would go to a department store, while others were looking at the latest fashions, I would head to the home goods department fascinated by the china and stemware. As an adult, my cupboards are all too full of plates, bowls, teacups and wine glasses from my travels. So I guess it was a natural evolution for me to journey my way into hand-painted glassware. Today, I’m thrilled that Golden Hill Studio has so many options for your wine, champagne, martini or “mocktail” desires!

Martini Glasses from our Moroccan Mosaic Carnival Collection

Champagne Glass and Hollow Flute from our Swiss Twilight Collection

Cosmopolitan Set from our Barcelona Blue Collection

Wine Glasses from our Napa Grapes 'n Vines Collection

Margarita Glass from our Oriental Poppy Floral Collection

Mix & Match with our Peruvian Splendor Collection

Shelley Nicholson

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