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Door Envy

Door Envy

I was driving around the rural area I live in the other day when I noticed one of those signs on a neighbor’s lawn. The kind of sign that advertises some type of home maintenance or yard work that’s been done by a specific company. In this case, the occupants had had new exterior windows and their front door replaced. I probably would have noticed anyway, since the front door is a cherry red.

Not cranberry, not rust…but a bright, bold red. Now I’m not typically a bright red kind of gal. But this darling white cape, perched on a hill, with its crisp black shutters and cherry red door are now a stand out in the neighborhood. 


It got me to thinking about how much of a difference something as simple as a door can make. Purchasing a new door is certainly not just pennies, but relative to other home repair, the investment in a new front door is a relatively small one. A new door can add life to an older home, tell a story with a newer home and create all-around curb appeal. 


If you don’t want to spend the money on a brand new door, or maybe put it off for another year or two, see if the door you have would be able to be painted. And while you don’t have to go cherry red, think about your favorite colors, the color of your siding, your landscaping etc. and select something that puts a little of your personality into your home!

Shelley Nicholson

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