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The "Dog Days" of Summer

The "Dog Days" of Summer

Like me, it’s likely you’ve heard this expression, the "Dog Days" of Summer, at one time or another. And perhaps, like me, you weren’t fully aware of the meaning of the phrase. What I learned hovered around what I knew about it, but the specifics of the term were quite interesting. 

According to, the Dog Days of Summer last from July 3rd - August 11th, and refer to the generally hot and humid weather experienced in the northern hemisphere during this time period. 



Coincidentally, August 26th was officially pronounced National Dog Day in 2004. And while you all know I am a “cat person” at heart, the intention of National Dog Day is one that is near and dear to me. The goal of National Dog Day is not only to raise awareness about the number of dogs in shelters and puppy mills that need rescuing, but also to celebrate those working canines that keep us safe, such as police K9 units, and service and comfort dogs as well. 



So if you truly want to embrace the “Dog Days” of Summer this year, I encourage you to check with your local shelter or humane society and consider adopting a dog that fits with your family and/or lifestyle. Be sure to do your research, and don’t rush into this important relationship, but if you’re looking for a companion who provides unconditional love, gets you out to exercise and brings joy to your life, rescuing a dog just might be the right step for you!

And for the dog lovers in your life, check out our Warm Paws Glassware! Enjoy your summer! 

Shelley Nicholson

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