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Thoughtful Ideas for Mother's Day

Thoughtful Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year, the flower filled day arrives on Sunday, May 8th. And let’s face it, Moms need some kudos, especially after what many of them have been through over the last couple of years. If you are a mother, or know some, you realize that many of them took on super powers during the pandemic as they continued to earn an income, typically with conference calls and Zoom meetings in a make-shift WFH space. At the same time, they became teachers to their children who spent months, and in some cases parts of several school years, learning from home. They couldn’t take their kids to any indoor play groups or the mall or even out to eat. Let’s hope we don’t have to go to those lengths again.

Being a mom has never been easy, but more recently it’s been one of the most challenging jobs in the world. That is cause for celebration if you ask me. So whether you are honoring your own mother, your daughter who’s a mom, or someone who has fulfilled that mother figure for you, let’s make this a truly special day for them.

Sure, you can buy a hanging plant and a nice card and call it a day. And if the mom in your life REALLY likes hanging plants, then by all means do this. But consider some alternatives that might make for a memorable celebration.

Organize a Generational Girl’s Brunch

What’s better than NOT having to cook for yourself, especially if you are usually responsible for much of the cooking in your household? Get together Mom, Grandma, your sisters, aunts and daughters. The menu? A nice quiche or breakfast casserole, several different types of pastries, and a big bowl of mixed fruit. Coffee and tea for sure, and don’t forget the Mimosas! 



Make Reservations for a Wine Tasting

One of my personal favorite things to do, research vineyards and wineries in your area. Sip on some locally made wines and learn about the process of growing and harvesting grapes of all types and flavors. Often, a winery will pair with a local food truck, or offer charcuterie and other appetizers so you have something to munch on while you determine your favorite wine. Some even allow you to bring in your own snacks.


Plan a Barbecue for the Whole Family

If you have a roomy outdoor deck or patio, this is a fun, laid-back way to celebrate mom. (Again, she doesn’t have to cook!). So marinate some chicken and steaks, make a pasta or potato salad, dice up some potatoes and veggies and fire up the grill!



Set up a FaceTime or Zoom Call

Is the special mom in your life too far to travel to? Schedule (don’t just assume she’ll be available) a FaceTime or Zoom call. Block off a chunk of time in your day to catch up on the important things in your lives. Invite the grandchildren or other family members to share drawings, pictures, pets and more so that she feels connected. 



Whatever you do with Mom this year, make it a day to remember! 


Shelley Nicholson

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