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Fall Foliage and Fun

Fall Foliage and Fun

I’m not sure if it’s the thought of our impending winter hibernation, or the draw of cool, crisp air after summer, but whatever the reason, people are on the move in the fall. Thinking about this recently, I realized that there is no shortage of fun fall activities; whether it is picking apples for the first time, or driving the same old, winding country road while leaf-peeping, there are so many options for embracing this wondrous change of season.

1) Fall Foliage – Other than gas money, this one is free, folks! Pack some snacks, hop in the car and drive! If you’re accustomed to checking out the red, orange and gold, you know that typically in the northeast, the peak season is somewhere between late September to mid October. If you’re a novice, grab a map (not your phone or GPS) and head out into the country. TAKE A CAMERA and enjoy the view!

2) Apple Picking – Find an apple orchard that allows you to “pick-your-own” apples. If you are planning to bake with them, be sure to research what varieties are grown at the orchard you plan to visit. Many of these farms have wagon rides out to the trees, but if not, wear comfy shoes, as you might have to hike a little. You’ll leave with a bag or a bushel, usually at very minimal cost and there’s nothing like picking the apple off the tree and within seconds, taking a bite of that sweet, juicy fruit!

3) Pumpkin Picking – This kid-friendly activity usually has and end goal; finding that perfect pumpkin to carve for your Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern. As with the apple orchards, many farms offer a “pick-your-own” option. If you’d rather not trek through the pumpkin patch, just keep an eye out for farm stands and side-of-the road wagons where you can purchase them already picked.

4) Corn Maze – “Agritainment”. What’s that you ask? It’s the term coined by those who’ve created entertainment venues from agricultural spaces. The Corn Maze has become a huge form of fall entertainment in recent years. Want to get lost in a maze of corn? It’s definitely an option, but have no fear, many of the mazes are well thought out, managed and provide a means to guide you through it!

5) Fall Festivals – If you like to shop for crafts, try new foods, and overall enjoy a festival atmosphere, this might be the thing for you! There’s no shortage of fall-themed events. Think pickle festivals, garlic festivals, cranberry harvests, Oktoberfest, scarecrow festivals, county fairs…the list is endless! Check out these top 25 Fall Festivals all around the country, from Country Living

Wherever you venture this fall, I hope you make special memories, whether you’re there for a week or just a day!

Shelley Nicholson

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