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Golden Hill Gems

Golden Hill Gems

I like to consider myself a progressive; relatively open-minded and in step with current trends and events. When it comes to the holidays, however, I’m pure traditionalist. This love of Christmas and all the beauty that surrounds it has inspired our holiday glassware collections here at Golden Hill Studio. In addition, it led me to Nevine, the talented Egyptian artist/entrepreneur who created all of the blown glass ornaments we sell. (For more on Nevine, refer to my July 16th blog post:

You may look at these designs, and fall madly in love with one of them, envisioning pieces on your holiday table, or decorating your antique hutch or credenza. Or, if you’re like me, it’s difficult to choose just one. Consider mixing and matching pieces, or adding certain pieces to your collections each year. However you choose to use this glassware, I hope they become part of your family traditions for years to come. Best wishes for the holidays!

Winter Berries ‘n Branches Collection
Black Forest Pine Collection
Mistletoe Love Collection
Moroccan Mosaic Forest Collection
Egyptian Blown Glass Ornaments


All of these can be found by visiting our website:

Shelley Nicholson

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